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Product Designer

Jul 2022 - Oct 2023


Certifaction AG is the leading provider of secure, privacy-friendly eSignatures. The platform for electronic signatures includes innovative, customized features, such as the enhanced QES flow, which facilitates the identification process, or the Digital Twin, which helps minimize forgery risks. The full-fledged enterprise solution is already used in a variety of industries that handle sensitive data, such as healthcare, human resources, financial services and Swiss universities.

My Role

When I joined Certifaction, the company was in a pivotal phase of evolving its product offerings. Through my human-centered designs and in-depth research insights, I played an instrumental role in this transformation. I took full ownership of the design process for our webapp's primary features and led the redesign of our main page, tailoring it to users' needs.

Throughout this journey, I faced challenges that pushed me to stretch my capabilities, ultimately refining and enhancing my skills as a designer, and making me more independent and flexible. 

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

A QES holds the highest legal value among electronic signatures due to its multifactor verification of the signer's identity. Commonly, it's used for online credit card applications.

The challenge was multifaceted: creating a UX superior to our competitors, integrating identity verification flows from multiple providers, offering a brandable UI, and meeting KPMG audit requirements. One of the main pain points was a wait time of up to 3 minutes. To address this, I designed an informative animation with elements of emotional design. This solution, when tested with users, received reassuring positive feedback.

The result was a streamlined solution that became pivotal in securing significant new clients and gathering positive feedback toward the UX. 

Signatures manager and Inbox

During a pivotal time at Certifaction, I stood as the sole UX designer tasked with a challenge: our signature management system lacked depth and missed an inbox feature. This disparity with our competitors threatened our relationship with both current clients and potential leads. Turning to a human-centered design approach, my research pointed to the need to distinctly separate our "Certify" and "Sign" functions, reflecting the strategic shift of the company.

Our efforts resulted in a refreshed start page including an organized lateral menu, ensuring enhanced signature management and the inclusion of an inbox. This transformation was not just visual as proven by user testing with great results, and we also garnered positive feedback and empowered our sales team to secure more engagements with new clients.

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