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UX Designer / UX Researcher

Jul 2020 - Jan 2021

Zenvia_Mockup_Macbook_iPhoneX (2).png

Zenvia is a telecommunication platform (CPaaS), that empowers companies to create unique communication experiences for their customers, creating solutions for several communication channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and APIs.

When I joined the company, the main objective of the design team was to have a user-friendly and self-service journey for the purchase and use of the products, minimizing the support requests and easing the onboarding process. 

My Role

As a UX designer, I have worked creating solutions for WhatsApp business, planning, developing, and coordinating User Experience end-to-end, including Ideation Workshops, User Flows, and Interface Design. 

As a UX Researcher, I have mapped the User Journey of customers who were integrated with the company's APIs and collaborated with Service Designers to create a Service Blueprint for that process, creating and managing the research plan and collecting data through interviews and surveys.​

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