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UI/UX Designer

Sep 2019 - Jul 2020


Superplayer is a startup that joins music and technology together to create innovative experiences for B2B and B2C markets. ​

During the time I worked there the main challenges were to expand the reach on the B2B market by improving the existing SDK app in order to become more complete and attractive to users, and also to review the strategy and experience of the music streaming app, so it would be more focused on curated content. 

My Role

As a UX designer, I have worked creating solutions for iOS, Android, and Web applications, working on the experience and design processes end-to-end. 

I had the opportunity to work in all different products and systems that were developed by SuperPlayer, like music streaming apps, radio apps, management platforms, and also the company website redesign.


Mumo is a radio music app with more than 50K users. It has a wide range of music stations and styles combined in an easy-to-use and simplified experience. 


The main challenge I had to deal with on Mumo was to create a Smart TV application that would keep the ease of use and simplicity that were the core values of the mobile app. To design this new experience, the team did extensive research, followed by ideation and iteration phases. The designs were validated through prototyping and user testing.

The result was a simple and consistent experience between platforms that increased flexibility for the users, receiving good feedback from users.

SuperPlayer App

Superplayer was the main Brazilian music streaming service, with more than 4 million app downloads, and a catalog with the biggest labels and publishers in the market.

Some of the projects I worked on were the UI redesign of the platform, using emotional design to make the interface look more friendly, redesigning the onboarding flow, creating a new search experience, so users could receive relevant content even if the song or artist desired wasn't available, and also changing the focus of the app to playlists and moods.

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