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UI/UX Designer

May 2021 - May 2022

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TalentRocket is HR Tech for niche markets. We are a recruiting tool with a data-driven candidate approach. The known range of yesterday's network with today's technology. We will remarkably help shape the future. Our intelligent matching algorithm simplifies the recruiting effort and lowers HR costs.

My Role

I joined the company as the only design professional and had the opportunity to be in charge of redesigning the main interfaces and experiences of the platform, simplifying multiple-step flows, and reducing web pages and forms information overload.


With an approach based on research and data, the set goal is to adapt the platform to the current user behavior and market, while providing users with a personal experience. One of my main contributions to the team was switching the design process to a Mobile-First approach and utilizing Adaptive Design. 

Redesign of the Employer Reviews experience

In mid-2020, TalentRocket introduced the 'Employer Reviews' feature, which initially struggled to perform. As the lead designer, I adopted a human-centered approach, conducting extensive research and analysis of user data and competitor strategies. This comprehensive exploration uncovered significant usability issues. In response, my team and I led an ideation workshop, culminating in a significant redesign of the review process. This redesign, rooted in our findings and a user-centered methodology, focused on enhancing visual appeal, simplifying the process, and improving usability by minimizing mandatory fields. The result was a significant increase in user engagement and a surge in the number of reviews.

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